Whale of a time

It’s always exciting to see the cross stitched results of my designs, whether I’ve stitched them myself or not…

Most recently Nachtschade sent in some pics of the completed Richearts Whale pattern:

Rad huh? also cool to see it getting much love on Nachtschade’s cross stitch tumblr The fault in our stitches.


Doctor Who cross stitch

A couple of my doctor who inspired cross stitch patterns have been stitched by Trees:



Cyberman Love

Cyberman Love

I’m surprised how good they look in hoops, as they are designed to fit perfectly in frames!

Sloth pattern design

There are some great sloth cross stitch patterns out there already including these this one and this one, but I thought I’d add to the greatness that is sloth craft with my own pattern:

Cute sloth cross stitch pattern

Cute sloth cross stitch pattern

You can stitch him from this image or if you would like the full pattern, click on the image to go to my Etsy page.

Woody Guthrie inspired pattern

Not sure if there are many cross stitching Woody Guthrie fans out there, but those out there they might like this pattern I designed on the weekend:


‘This machine kills fascists’ was painted on Mr. Guthrie’s Guitar during WWII. Check out his song Tear the Fascist down: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKVnur5DkdI

The pattern is available on my Etsy shop

Using public domain images to make patterns

Recently I’ve been working on a cross stitch pattern design of a Japanese warrior:

Warrior design

I’ve based my design on an artwork that is available for re use as it is in the public domain:

Yashima Gakutei, Sashukutei Kitaru, c. 1821 - 1825

The Rijksmuseum museum has digitised thousands of public domain artworks, and awesomely, they have made these freely available for reuse with hi-res downloads. This warrior can be found here.  It’s amazing and inspiring to see the artworks of the past introduced to a new online world, where they can be legally reused in creative ways. 

There is no easy way to create a cross stitch pattern from such an image, it requires individually adjusting pixels, and I like to limit the colour palette to less than a dozen colours. I already spent hours refining the pattern already! Look out for the complete pattern when I’m done.

Cross stitch exhibition last year

Last October I joined a group show at Matchbox in Wellington themed around textile art. It was cool to see my underwater themed cross stitch work on display, and I even sold this guy:

Whale cross stitch

The Jellyfish work was a massive cross stitch on Canvas which required a lot of planning and a lot of punching holes, good thing I like repetition.

cross stitch

Punching in the pattern’s holes through the back of the canvas.

Exhibition of cross stitch works
Exhibition of my cross stitch works

I like to think I’ll do another exhibition at some stage this year, but with study also ramping up this year…