New Threadless entry : Pixel Geek

My latest design entry on Threadless for the theme ‘Geek Chic’:

Geek Chic - Pixel Geek

Click on the image to got to Threadless to score my design 🙂


Using public domain images to make patterns

Recently I’ve been working on a cross stitch pattern design of a Japanese warrior:

Warrior design

I’ve based my design on an artwork that is available for re use as it is in the public domain:

Yashima Gakutei, Sashukutei Kitaru, c. 1821 - 1825

The Rijksmuseum museum has digitised thousands of public domain artworks, and awesomely, they have made these freely available for reuse with hi-res downloads. This warrior can be found here.  It’s amazing and inspiring to see the artworks of the past introduced to a new online world, where they can be legally reused in creative ways. 

There is no easy way to create a cross stitch pattern from such an image, it requires individually adjusting pixels, and I like to limit the colour palette to less than a dozen colours. I already spent hours refining the pattern already! Look out for the complete pattern when I’m done.

Jellyfish with heart

The interweb offers many opportunities to share your work (and maybe sell it), Society6 is one such place. When you look through the work on here you realise that there are many thousands of talented designers/artists out there. My first addition of pixel art to Society6: Jelly fish with Heart.

New Adventures in Pixel Art

Pixel art has been on my radar for a while; cross stitch is easily related to it and a few years ago I got an awesome Eboy puzzle of Tokyo city. When designing cross stitch patterns, I always enjoy the limitation of using as little pixels as possible to effectively represent an idea or thing.  I have started an epic project, inspired by Eboy’s cityscapes to create a pixel art Wellington city.

Here is my first design:

Go Wellington Bus

Go Wellington Pixel Bus

Over the next year or so, I will share my latest pixel art objects (buildings/people/cars etc..), which will  eventually build an unreal Wellington cityscape.